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Garage Door Repair Bedford

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Call one of our experienced techs to service your garage door torsion spring in Bedford, Texas. We have installed or replaced many springs over the years. These units are very dangerous to work on. The reason for this is simple. These parts are used to counterbalance heavy garage doors. This requires a great deal of tension. People have been injured or killed working on these units. Our seasoned pros have the experience and skills to administer safe and accurate service. We are the company to call for torsion and extension springs repair.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Bedford

Extension and Torsion Spring Repair Service

Do you have a broken extension or torsion spring? Enlist our experts for extension and torsion spring repair service. The torsion type creates tension using torque. It is typically mounted above the door. The extension type operates on a stretch and contract method. Both of these springs have a big job to do. If they break, repair is not always a good option. A broken spring has to be replaced. Some situations allow for an extension or torsion spring adjustment. Our techs will repair the unit if it is possible.

Exceptional Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

We are pleased to offer exceptional garage door torsion spring replacement service. Our specialists maintain a variety of springs in their truck. We carry all sizes. We will know exactly which type to use for the weight of your garage door. Our experts will approach this service carefully and safely. This is one service we don’t rush. We will work as quickly as possible to provide the torsion spring replacement you need.

At Garage Door Repair Bedford TX, we place a lot of focus on customer service. We care about our customers. Broken springs can be safety hazards. Our mission is to fix these problems fast. Please call our trained pros to administer your Bedford garage door torsion spring service. Don’t place your safety at risk.

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